Are you looking for car location tracker? Or best GPS tracker for the car? The best car tracking device is invited able nowadays in India to avoid car theft and also protect your beloved car from endangering which is about to come without a warning. A GPS car location tracker is a convenient apparatus that enables you to track the whereabouts of your children, elderly guardians, pets and assets. In any case, with regards to picking a GPS tracker, there are various types of trackers in the market. It is critical to ensure that the GPS tracker you pick has some basic highlights, for example, continuous following, cautions and notices, quality mapping, the simple similarity with different gadgets, and so forth. Here, it is listed out the 10 best GPS trackers in India for a car for your reference.

Best GPS Tracking Devices in India for Car

1. Trak GPS Tracker

This is a purchaser arranged individual GPS tracker that is intended for following little children, relatives and autos. It is amazingly simple to utilize, precise and has various helpful highlights.

It enables you to find your child’s whereabouts continuously on your cell phone, tablet or workstation anyplace, whenever.


This is a very effective ongoing GPS tracker for vehicles that can track autos, trucks and bicycles. The gadget has a minimized size yet is gives the most precise outcomes. It utilizes GPS to get the continuous area of the vehicle and send it to the LMROD server. If there should arise an occurrence of association issues, it stores the area information in the gadget. This tracker indicates the ongoing area of your vehicle or bicycle on Google delineate.

3. DYTECH GPS tracker GT02A Google Interface

This is an effective smaller than usual GPS tracker for vehicles, for example, autos, trucks, and so forth that accompanies separate Android and IOS application which makes it very good the entirety of your shrewd gadgets. It is an amazing GPS beacon with 20 Tracking affectability and – 159dBm Acquisition affectability which gives exact area data about your vehicle. The element of constant area observing in this gadget enables the client to know the correct area of the vehicle at a particular time.

4. ZAICUS GT02A GPS Tracker

This is one more conservative smaller than expected GPS tracker that gives constant following and alarms and accompanies Quad band and implicit reception apparatus. This GPS beacon has the following affectability of – 159dBM and securing affectability of – 144dBM which furnishes area with incredible exactness notwithstanding when the flag is frail.

5. AutoWiz OBD GPS Car Tracker

This is straightforward and simple to-utilize attachment and plays GPS vehicle tracker that gives effective continuous vehicle area following on the versatile and AutoWiz App. Simply plug in the GPS beacon to the OBDII port of your vehicle and it is prepared to utilize. The gadget accompanies in-fabricate GPS< GPRS and accelerometer that sends the area data and condition information to the AutoWiz Cloud.

6. Hastaka Plug and Play OBD II Real-Time GPS Car Tracker

This is one more no wiring, attachment and plays constant GPS tracker that is to a great degree simple to utilize. You should simply embed a functioning SIM card in the tracker and fitting it to the OBD port and it is prepared to work. The tracker tracks the position of your vehicle, as well as gives data about its speed. It accompanies an enemy of burglary clock that sends cautions if the vehicle is driven amid that preset time.

7. Garmin GPS Etrex10

This is extraordinary compared to other handheld GPS beacons that accompany propelled following route, astonishing exactness and powerful battery life that goes on for around 25 to 30 hours. It furnishes full paperless geocaching support alongside GPS and GLONASS bolster that gives better gathering in any area. The gadget is pre-furnished with maps from everywhere throughout the world and it shows land highlights, for example, landscapes, slopes, and so on.

8. Jenix Mini GPS Tracker

car location tracker

This is an exceedingly versatile and reduced smaller than normal GPS tracker that is reasonable for following the whereabouts of kids, elderly individuals and pets. This GPS tracker does not require any application of stage for working; it elements of the SMS rule. With the end goal to get the correct area, simply send and SMS and get an arrival SMS with all the data.

9. Coban 303B Car/Truck GPS Tracker

This is an incredible GSM GPS tracker that can be utilized for following vehicles, for example, autos, trucks and bicycles. It includes an ACC Working alert that sends crisis signals if the gadget is killed remotely. This GPS tracker is 100% waterproof and dustproof so it continues working in every single climate condition.

10. GF-07 GPS GSM GPRS Tracker

This is a fundamental constant smaller than usual GPS tracker that is appropriate for kids, pets and vehicle following and hostile to lost security. This tracker must be set up with a SIM card and TF memory card to make it practical. This GPS tracker can be sued for constant voice enquiry and area track request. It likewise has a different voice recording highlight that gives you a chance to hear continuous sound also.


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